Let’s talk about sex

It ruffled feathers at the time, but Salt-N- Pepa were clearly onto something. In 1991, it was seen as a song which promoted sex to an audience not prepared to talk about it. So despite all these years, why are so many people still afraid to “talk about sex”? And not in a medical sense, but in a pleasure sense – how does it feel!

Candid conversations about sex and how it feels are just as taboo now as they were back then. Today the conversation around sex is still very predictable. Stories of the “birds and the bees” or “when a man and a woman love each other very much” are everywhere, when in-fact there is much more to the sexual being than simply reproducing.

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Sexual activity makes us feel profoundly amazing. Let’s face it, sex is great and should be enjoyed. Whether your sexual experience is in a committed relationship, with someone new or with yourself. Polysoma recognises that everyone’s sexual being is just as important as any other component of our life. It’s directly connected to your health and well-being, and is just as valuable as food or water.

We all as humans have the right to enjoy and explore our sexual selves regardless of our relationship, social status, upbringing, religious beliefs or sexual preferences. At Polysoma we know your sexual being is not one dimensional, and the connection between mind and body is just as important as the connection between body and body. We work with you to understand the full power of this.

Think about this… our world consists of 7.1 billion sexual beings and counting. That’s a lot of sexual energy, we want you to feel and imagine just how big that orgasm truly is.