Breaking Down Barriers

Sex-positive designer Andrew Schatz and I have come up with a postcard picturing some amazing genital artwork. The postcard can be found around Adelaide in cafes, bars, public spaces and health clinics. It has even made its way to Oxford Street, Sydney where you will find it at The Bookshop Darlinghurst. If you choose you can request one from Polysoma for free. Why not “have the conversation” by placing it on your fridge, frame it, or display it proudly on your work desk. Alternatively you can just  peruse the artwork and the content below.

Breaking down barriers towards a sexually positive world is hard. Lead somatic sexologist Kai from Polysoma has collaborated with designer Andrew Shatz to do just that. This artwork wants you to talk, whether you find the work sexually erotic, a little indulging, or not befitting to your tastes – it creates the kind of dialogue we should all be healthy with in society.


So take a seat, make yourself comfortable, as it’s time to talk about your sexual being. There’s nothing to be shy or shameful about, at Polysoma we promote an environment with a holistic, non-judgemental approach to all things SEX.

Think of a sexologist like a medical specialist, or physiotherapist. We are your experts in the science and knowledge of human sexuality, we are your erotic educators in mind-body, vulva and penis.

Nurturing and focusing on everything from sexual exploration, learning about your sexual being, to sexual nuances, mindfulness and sex, the desire to become multi orgasmic and much more.

Polysoma Australia’s leader in sexual wellness and has developed the first sexual wellness lounge based here in Adelaide. Get in touch with us today, we would love to help you explore and uncover your sexual being, or any sexual issue you may have.