equality and Polysoma

I thought I would write a brief blog article to clarify Polysoma’s position regarding equality.

Polysoma is protected under the Equal Opportunity Act 1984 which makes it unlawful to discriminate against its business, education initiatives or its staff. We are in the business of helping people overcome sexual issues, or learn more about their sexual beings. Polysoma has strong professional policies in place to prevent litigation, protect our clients and indemnify it’s professional services.

You may not like the work we do, it may challenge you. Or you may LOVE us! We don’t discriminate against you. So we ask you not to discriminate against us. Polysoma supports and promotes equal opportunity. We will enforce our rights and any other individual or group if we feel a sense of inequity.

Peace and equality to you all.

Kai – Lead Somatic Sexologist and sex educator