Future blogs to look out for

  • Transcript review of Dr Jack Morin’s work – easing professional anxiety around sexological bodywork.
  • Oil’s ain’t oil’s – a look at what lubrication we professional recommend.
  • Genital anatomy – exploring the basics of genital anatomy.
  • Sexual function after prostectomy – how we help men overcome this.
  • How nature intended the prepuce – article on the foreskin, circumcisions physical and psychological effects.
  • Its a fine line between pleasure and pain – exploration of neuroscience and pain and how to work with this.
  • Sexual abuse and coming out – a look at sexual abuse and a victim coming out.
  • Premature ejeculation and why it’s not a disease – review article.
  • Vaginismus – how we support and work with woman who experience this.
  • Physiological and therapeutic effects of massage – a discussion.
  • Orgasm – some science and exploration of the health benefits and why you should have more.
  • Neuroplasticty – a look how we use the science to inform sexological bodywork practices.
  • Woman who have orgasms or sexual experiences during childbirth – a review of current literature.
  • Genital and body mapping – how this can help people overcome sexual issues or increase awareness.