Oils aren’t oils and lubes aren’t lubes

by – Kai, lead somatic sexologist

Does anyone recall the Castrol advert – oils aren’t oils?  The advert was around in the 1980’s. You can check it out here. Over the years I have used and researched many lubes for sexual play. Let’s face it our genitals are sensitive. It’s important to get the right lubrication that suits you. Sometimes it’s like finding the right condom – trial and error. I myself understand how important the right lubrication is. Personally my own penis has been irritated by harsh chemicals in lubricants before. Nothing fun about redness/irritation from lubricants on your genitals. Some lubes feel like they are burning your bits.

As a somatic sexologist/sex educator I always get asked, “what is the best lubrication for sexual activity”? Now for some people they bask in IMG_5505their own natural lubrication which is great. Others may require a bit of a helping hand. Not to mention lube is essential when using your sex toys. If you are a vulva/vagina owner and suffer from vaginal dryness this blog article will also be of great benefit to you.

So what do I recommend: YES, lubricants. YES® has a wide range of natural certified organic lubricant products. There are two varieties water based (WB) and oil based (OB). Some people have found the combination of WB/OB also works.  For woman who suffer from genital dryness YES has developed the world’s first vaginal moisturiser (VM). VM comes in handy applicators for easy insertion. If anal play is your thing, YES also has BUT anal lubricant. The vaginal moisturiser can also be used with anal play. If you suffer from haemorrhoids VM can also provide the anus with some relief.

What does it feel like? From personal experience, YES WB completely amazing – a natural velvety, slippery/sleek feel. WB reminds me of (pre-cum), or the natural lubrication of the vagina because that’s what it feels like – natures nectar. YES OB is also great. Both WB/OB are easy to get off unlike many other lubricants. In fact, when WB eventually dries out it makes your skin feel soft. You don’t get that sticky feel like other lubricants. So no need to wash it off. The oil based range cannot be used with condoms. OB is also good for massage, and also comes in vanilla. OB lubrication can be used internally. It all depends on what you like.

Now I can easily describe my experiences using YES WB and OB as a man with a penis. But you might want to try it for yourself. Polysoma does stock the YES product range. We also use it when working with clients genitals. Personally and professionally no other lube comes close to natures own nectar.  I think it’s the best lubricant on the market. If you would like to try a sample, and become a lube nerd contact us. Feel free to let me know how it went for you. On a final note if you suffer from vaginal dryness please give VM a try. You may even want to make an appointment with me to discuss your dryness problems.

You can check out Susi Lennox  below discuss how the lubricant range differs from conventional products.