Introducing Australia’s 1st sexual wellness lounge

Welcome to Australia’s first sexual wellness lounge.

We have finally opened our new lounge on Kensington Road, Rose Park – and what a beautiful space it is.

Founded and located in Adelaide, South Australia, we provide a unique professional service not offered anywhere else in Australia. Unless of course you want to go to the UK. We are the leading experts when it comes to your sexual wellbeing and erotic education.

Polysoma works with many people  in a relaxed non formal setting. We are in a position to be able to help with sexual issues such as genital concerns, prostate cancer, painful intercourse, intimacy disconnection, genital and pelvic pain, sexual embodiment, whole body orgasms, painful anal sex, erotic massage, breath work, orgasmic yoga . . .  should we go on!

If you have a sexual inquiry why not make an appointment with Kai – lead somatic sexologist/sex educator. Take control of your sexual wellbeing today.