erectile and orgasmic problems

We specialise in men who have libido, erectile and orgasmic problems. We have a variety of sexological bodywork modalities and tools to help men with a wide range or erectile and orgasmic issues.  Some of our modalities include:

  • Masturbation exercises.
  • PelvicRx® penis weights and exercises to strengthen pelvic floor muscles.
  • Viberect® nerve stimulation of the penis through vibration. Used in nerve damage (neuropraxia), or peripheral neuropathy.
  • Tactile penile stimulation with breath work and meditation.
  • Learning the differences between ejaculation and orgasm.
  • Differentiating between genital and body orgasm.
  • Managing aspects of masculinity and emotional causes of erectile and orgasmic problems.
  • Developing new tools for lovemaking with you and your partner.

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