Oxytocin and positive emotional response in meditation

by – Kai, lead somatic sexologist

Some interesting research from Duke University suggesting Oxytocin may enhance spirituality/meditation. Study details found here and here. Does this mean daily orgasmic yoga and orgasmic meditation practices have an important role in life? I would suspect so given sexual arousal and orgasm can result in Oxytocin’s positive affects on mood and social behaviour. This study found association between positive emotions during meditation with the use of intranasal Oxytocin verses placebo. Now folks you don’t need intranasal Oxytocin to replicate the study yourself. Instead you can try this yourself. Start off by meditating with some breath-work. Relax your body and stimulate your (genitals, nipples and genital tract). By sexually arousing yourself during orgasmic yoga you can have the same  positive effects. Of course you can’t learn orgasmic yoga by reading about it. To learn more about the positive experiences of orgasmic yoga why not make an appointment today?

Enjoy 🙂