body alive 2017

coming to Adelaide…


tumblr_n30gogqltn1s0tgwso1_500Are you a curious sexual being? Sexually shutdown? Want to become sexually embodied? Then BodyAlive might be for you. BodyAlive is a one day group intensive workshop designed to reignite the spark in your sexual being.The workshop is open and inclusive to everyone 18+. The intention of the workshop  is to give you a taste of what it means to become sexually awoken and feel sexually alive and erotic in your body.

The course covers breath work, erotic movement (dance), talking and learning about your genitals, liberating your body and becoming progressively naked with other like minded people.

We want people to be able to explore their sexual beings in an environment that is sexually free, safe and comfortable.

article-0-1c783edd00000578-328_634x423Why a group workshop? – this is about being part of a community supported by like minded people who are also in the same space. The workshop can have a profound effect on you as an individual. It allows you to push yourself in a comfortable environment to learn about your resilient edge. We want you to be able to break down your own barriers to become sexually embodied and liberated.

The space is private and the workshop does not involve practices that are coerced. You are free to explore your own body as you please. Please note this is not a group sex experience. That is not the intention of this workshop and space.

Please stay tuned to this page for further event details.

Images from Tumblr and Reuters