the heart of bodywork

by – Kai, lead somatic sexologist

Here at the sexual wellness lounge I have the unique ability to work with everyone’s sexual concerns and curiosities. Clients who see me start by talking and exploring areas of concern. Talked based work is all they may require. Other clients have a need to explore physical perceptions. This is where somatic bodywork comes in. Bodywork allows client’s to learn/inquire and explore themselves in a different capacity.

My work is experiential and intuitive combining a focus on body and mind.  Their are distinct neurophysiological benefits in the bodywork that I undertake with clients. For example, touch and changing the perceptions of pain through neuroplasticity of the brain – or breath work and mindfulness.

When it comes to sexual wellness and healing I just facilitate a clients learning experience. My intention is to help you understand your body, feelings/thoughts somatically. This involves breath, touch, sound, smell and movement. I have the ability to explore and help manage pain. Whether this be physical, sexual or emotional – sometimes these can be interlinked. Every bodywork experience is tailored, as everyone’s situation is different.

I ask all clients to come in with an open mind. That being said I am open minded and non-judgemental to every clients experience and their situation. Every client has a sexual journey and I respect that journey. In sexological bodywork be prepared to breathe and let go. The wellness lounge is space that allows you to explore and learn about yourself.

Before bodywork takes place I ask clients to explore and set their intention for working together. The parameters of bodywork are unique to each client.

I open each bodywork session with a sense of feeling free and safe. The client may be sitting or lying down. The may be clothed or naked depending on the type of bodywork that is going to take place. Some clients may feel safe clothed, although it is not necessary and everything is welcome.

A clients journey will begin with breath work. This can be followed by sound, smell, movement, touch or self touch, genital/ body massage. This depends on the clients intentions and educational modality they are exploring. During a clients bodywork journey they are able to let go, deepening their awareness in mind and body. Flow occurs – allowing a sense of just being with what they are experiencing in their body. Closing a bodywork experience I hold space for the client facilitating stillness and presence. When the session has ended, the client is able to share the experience, what was felt, what was learnt, how to apply the tools they have learnt to have a positive effect of their sexual wellbeing. Most clients require a few sessions, others are ongoing everyone if different.

Interested, or curious about how it works. Come talk with me.