exploring your vulva/vagina

by – Kai, lead somatic sexologist

Recently I read this news article about a plastic surgeon in Australia offering woman the option to check out there vulva/vagina. All in the name of education. I did find it odd though woman going to see a plastic surgeon to do this. Especially when this is the type of education sexological bodywork facilitates.

You certainly don’t need to go and see a plastic surgeon to check our your vulva/vagina. You can do it yourself with a mirror, you can share the experience with your partner or a friend. Or alternatively if your curious enough you can come and see me a sexological bodyworker. Instead of feeling uncomfortable in a clinical setting  why not explore your vulva/vagina with sexological bodyworker and experience a sense of mindfulness about your genitals.

I have helped woman explore there vulva/vaginas. I have also educated  woman about their vulva anatomy (hands on themselves). When it comes to clients exploring their genitals I start by using breath to induce a state of relaxation through breath work. The client has total control during the experience. Clients hold a mirror whilst I explain the anatomy of the vulva/vagina. They get to see, touch and explore these areas themselves. If a client wishes to view there vagina and cervix a disposable vaginal speculum is used. When a client is comfortable they can self insert the speculum, then use the mirror to view internal structures.

I recall my first experience with a female sexological bodyworker, my heart was pounding. All my fears were soon put to rest when I realised the person facilitating the session had no intention but to support me. For the first time ever my body and penis was in just a state of being. And not being judged. It had a profound impact on how I felt about my body and genitals today – the best educational experience of my life!

At clients requests I have taken photos of their vulva/vagina and cervix.  When I help a client explore their vulva/vagina it is always an emotional and truly empowering journey for them. Some woman cry out in pure joy. Others release emotional pain and tension that they have been holding in their genitals for some time.

It takes vulnerability and immense courage to make the decision to see a sexological bodyworker to explore your genitals. As a professional I have the up most respect for woman who come and see me and put themselves in a position of vulnerability.  Let’s face it, getting your gear off to explore and educate yourself about your vulva for many woman is rather intense and overwhelming. Especially in front of a stranger.

As a sex educator and sexological bodyworker facilitating such educational experiences creates and an immense personal satisfaction that I cannot even begin to describe. Empowering and creating a space where woman don’t feel judged, so that they are able to explore themselves in safety and comfort is an incredible thing to offer.

If your curious about exploring your genitals, feel free to come and talk with me.