may is for masturbation

by – Kai, lead somatic sexologist

It’s that time of year again where I celebrate the important sexual, physical and psychological benefits of MASTURBATION.

Benefits include –  self soothing, exploring your genitals, stress relief, understanding your body, feeling free, clearing your mind, decreasing sexual anxiety and tension, eradicating your headache, feeling pleasure, connecting with your lover, and much more.

So get your game plan on and make your masturbatory escapades a daily event. Why not introduce your body and genitals to mindful masturbation. Check out the mindful masturbation article here. You might want to explore different ways of masturbating with your lover. If you are a habitual masturbator why not consider changing hands or introduce some oil based lubricant. You could even start your own masturbation marathon – how many times can you orgasm in 24 hours? Check out some of the videos below to get you ideas flowing.

Happy masturbating.

My Masturbation Habits from xHamsterOfficial on Vimeo.

THE ONANIZER – Your Ultimate Masturbation Experience (TRAILER) © Jan Manski from JAN MANSKI on Vimeo.

Art and Masturbation – The School Of Life from Kate Molins on Vimeo.