focus group

I am hosting a focus group. In return for your participation I am seeking feedback from you on the day about your experience in the class. There is a door prize to be won and some bonus goodies for all. If your are interested please register here.

Preliminary research supports the need for regular exercise to maintain sexual vitality, this is particularly useful for people who experience low sexual arousal. I want to know whether or not people in general would participate in a regular aerobics program that involves mindfulness, breathwork and movement to increase thier overall health and sexual wellbeing. You don’t have to be experiencing sexual issues to be involved in the focus group. This aerobics program benefits everyone and is open to everyone.

People that might be interested in attending:

  • Those who want to explore embodiment and increase body awareness.
  • Anyone who wants to increase vitality in their own body or relationships.
  • New mothers and fathers.
  • Persons taking antidepressants.
  • Anyone experiencing from low genital arousal.

Please bring yourself and anything else that will make this class comfortable, we suggest a bottle of water and a towel.



Do I have to do anything physical?

Yes, there will be subtle physical movements and breathing exercises coupled with mindfulness.

Are there minimum age requirements to enter the class?

Yes, you must be aged 21 and above to participate.

Is there any nudity, sex or touching people in the class?

No nudity, no sex, no touching of any persons.

Is there a gender requirement?

Any gender can attend.

Do I have to agree to any terms and conditions?

Yes, we kindly ask that you agree to the waiver release prior to participation. This can be found here.

How can I contact the organiser with any questions?