beach time mindfulness

by lead sexpert –  kai

SUMMER is here. The weather is delightful at this time of year in Australia. It is a perfect time to venture down to Maslin’s. For me the beach is about meditating nude, being free with my body, soaking up the sunshine and of course swimming in refreshing salt water. Mindfulness at the beach consists of tuning my ears to the sound of crashing waves running down the lime stone cliffs. I breath into the experience often staring out into the vast horizon of the ocean.  Maslin beach is truly a place where I can feel spiritual and free with my body and mind. Floating naked in the ocean often makes me think about what it’s like in the womb. The rocking motion of the water is very comforting for me.

Time always escapes me here. One minute turns into hours. The beach is divided into two. One half the south end (not entirely half) for nudism, the other clothed. There is always an exuberant amount of space between bodies so you often feel like you have a little patch of your own beach.

Maslin beach is truly one of those iconic places that you should at least visit once in your life. The beach attracts many naturists including family’s, couples, singles, friends, mates, new lovers, retirees, hippies, yogis, fisherman, professional photographers and the diversity of sexuality they all come with plus much more. Its seriously a liberating oasis for all.

The beach has vast lime protruding cliff edges that provide habitat to unique wildlife. If you look closely in some rocky places to the south end of the beach you will discover marine fossils.

We should pay tribute to Don Dunstan for liberating social nudity in South Australia. He ushered the nude era in 1975. It is renowned as Australia’s first sanctioned unclad beach.

Every year Maslin beach is host to the nude Olympics which attracts a playful spirit of nude competition.

Many people enjoy their bodies in the sun, often taking relaxing strolls along the water’s edge. The water is divine with its soft texture and sparkle in summer. In winter, you won’t find too many people just locals. Winter for me is a great time to strip down. I like to feel into the cold stream from the gulf. The cold water does wonders for my body with a sense of feeling grounded. Plenty of positive research for those who grapple with depression or seasonal affective minds.

There is a strong sense of community at Maslin. You will find many frequent nudists, mates, friends and families having a chin wag.

Like all beaches there are the occasional lovers kissing and canoodling in the water doing no harm, or sharing the sunset. I feel it’s a very special place for lovers. A place where they can feel naturalistically free and romantically spiritual (not in a religious sense).

If you are visiting the beach, always be mindful and respectful of people around you. Snaps of yourself and friends and distant coastline are certainly ok. If your texting or reading on your phone always reflect the device downwards as a matter of courtesy to other beach goers. Sneaky photos of other nudists without their consent is not on. Most likely other beach goers will give you a look or approach you and ask you to stop. Safe nudism is everyone’s responsibility.  You will soon discover that the community look out for each other here.

As with all nude adventures, I strongly suggest you don’t leave home without adequate sun protection, (sunscreen, sunglasses, hat and other shade). Australia’s beaming rays of sunshine will definitely burn you here. Take plenty of water with you always. Be aware of any potential rips and currents when swimming as they can occur like any other beach. Please be environmentally responsible and take your rubbish with you. Rubbish and plastic kills our wildlife. There are bins at the car park to dispose your rubbish.

What’s humanly special about this beach is that no one gives a cahoots naked or otherwise. This gives you the freedom to be comfortable with just being you amongst other bodies that are small, large, saggy, skinny, hairy, hairless. If your conscious about your body you soon will strip that negative feeling away.

So, what are you waiting for? Go and liberate your body and mind.