genitals – stress release and relaxation

written by me Kai – Bodysex therapist, intimacy coach and sex educator.

How many people touch their genitals when they are stressed? I suspect a few of us do. Its often not discussed. People who don’t have a good relationship with their genitals might find such touch or topics of this nature perplexing and full of taboo. Some people will touch themselves without thinking. Others will habitually masturbate for relief. Touching your genitals enables you to release feel-good substances naturally, such as Oxytocin, Dopamine and Serotonin. Some studies have shown that sex and meditation affect similar areas of your brain.

Depending on your genitals, relaxation techniques might include: gently playing with your knob, twirling your foreskin, lightly caressing your penis or even just cupping your balls, playing with your labia, gently touching your clitoris or cupping your vulva, massaging your pubic mound, gently pulling or combing your fingers through your pubes.

Generally speaking, such a form of touch is not sexual in nature – orgasm is not always the goal. Light genital tumescence might come and go smoothly. Sometimes it might lead to – more dynamic friction. Nothing wrong with that. There can be an immense sense of comfort touching your genitals. It’s actually an excellent self-soothing tool that I recommend. It can be a great form of distraction. Add some focused breath. Breathe deep into your chest and then exhale slowly. You might be amazed at how relaxed you feel. What are you waiting for?