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Self-help is not always helpful

SFW//  1 min read / written by Kai

I am all for self-help. Researching and making decisions for yourself. Being in control of the information you collect and developing your narrative is vital to your well-being. But there comes a time when you might just need to check in with someone like myself.

Sometimes self help can only take us so far. You might need to consensually push your resilient edge in a safe space? Or you need someone to guide how to feel into your body. Maybe you don’t know how to feel into your body. Maybe you don’t understand your sexual body and your erotic desires. Do you need to reconnect with your body from trauma and don’t know how?

There are so many things that self help (Dr Google. YouTube, porn websites, Reddit), the abundance of books and literature cannot give us. Especially when it comes to working with our body. The body often gets left behind and the mind takes precedence. Essentially your living in the mind and not experiencing your concerns with the body. So if this is you or have other concerns you would like to share and explore. Click “Let’s Talk” and make a time to see me.