about me

thank you for being curious and wanting to learn more about me.

Hello, my name is Kai, please to meet you!. I am the founder of Polysoma, which is Australia’s first sexual wellness lounge located in Adelaide. I hold a Bachelor of Clinical Practice from Charles Sturt University with an extensive clinical and scholarly background in primary health care and research. I have undertaken specialist training in somatic sex coaching and bodywork with the Institute of Somatic Sexology. I have been a pupil of leading sex educators Deej Juventin and Uma Ayelet Furman. I am a professional member of the Somatic Sex Educators Association Australasia, and the Trusted Bodywork group.

If there is one thing I enjoy sharing about my life, it’s my experiences with the natural world around me. The sense of freedom the ocean creates, the inspiration from the trees rustling in the hills. I am formidably intuitive and logical. Often moving freely in both directions. At the heart of me is a curious, spiritual and embodied man navigating the modern world. Feeling into the experiences of life are important to me. Especially those experiences that give me the greatest of pleasures.

Like most people, I have a long and diverse sexual history (positive and negative) with my own body and mind that I enjoy and respect. It’s these diverse sexual experiences, coupled with my professional knowledge that allow me to work with the intentions and complexities that clients come to see me for.

I take from the influences of prominent experts in sexology, sex coaching and psychosomatics – Dr. Barnaby Barratt, Dr. Betty Dodson, Dr. Joseph Kramer and Dr. Jack Morin. I apply many of these  ideals to my own work. I am passionate and believe in the work that I do. My work is broad. I offer a range of holistic body-mind modalities. I educate clients somatically with sexual concerns so they can live sexually free and healthy.

When it comes to supporting my clients my liberal and open mind enables them to share their intimate experiences and thoughts with me. I have designed my work space so clients can explore their concerns (body and mind) in privacy and comfort.

Thank you for taking the time out to read about me. I look forward to learning more about you.