Frequently Asked Questions

I get many questions about the work I do. Here are some common answers. If your question is not answered here I am unable to assist you until you schedule a time to connect with me.

How do you currently work with clients?

I currently work with clients using Zoom a video platform just like Skype. I temporarily closed the lounge in early 2018. This is allowing me to focus on building a space specifically for my clients.

Are you doing bodywork?

I am currently not doing any hands-on bodywork. I have temporarily replaced this with coaching and self-touch exercises. This work is still effective. This will continue until I have a new space to work in.

How can i contact you?

In the first instance please contact me here. Please be aware that it can take 24 hours to respond to you. I do get busy.

I am worried about sharing intimate information with you.

Rest assured, I am mindful about protecting your privacy and personal information. I know how hard it can be to share your erotic journey and thoughts with me. I provide a safe space to talk and work through your concerns this includes maintaining your confidentiality. I am legally bound by the Privacy Act 1988 as a health service provider. I must protect your information and always will. You can check out my privacy policy here.

I am shy about connecting with you and a little embarrassed.

Don’t be embarrassed. There’s nothing shameful or wrong talking about your sex life. Not talking or exploring your concerns is far more problematic in itself. It’s perfectly normal to get butterflies when reaching out to me. For many clients, it’s a big leap. I understand this. Congratulations if you are taking the first step.

do you have a number i can call you on?

In the first instance please contact me here.

do you work with people from interstate or overseas?

I work with people from all over Australia and overseas. Some of my clients have been from the U.S. and even Hong Kong.

Why do i have to complete a questionnaire?

Its allows me to understand your intentions for working with me. It helps me prepare for my first session with you. Just like any other professional or specialist I require some personal information from you. I am unable to work with you, or schedule a time to connect if you have not completed the questionnaire. You can find the questionnaire here.

What happens during my first visit with you?

The first time we connect I will explore your intentions for seeing me, discuss your sexual mind and body in extensive detail. Together we explore your current concerns, past sexual experiences with yourself and lovers, sexual messages from childhood and adulthood. Sometimes there might not be enough time to explore your erotic world on the first visit, a second visit will be necessary. From this information, I can recommend tools that you might benefit from, or you can suggest tools you might benefit from. I will then develop a plan to work with you.

What does your work involve?

My modalities are not treatment focused. They are (tools) specifically designed (for you and with you). These tools help you learn about your (erotic and non-erotic) body and mind. I facilitate these practices or experiences with you over time. This allows you to safely explore and nurture change and healing within yourself. I don’t stop here though. My work is holistic. I provide self-care recommendations and specialist erotic coaching. I frequently check in with you during your journey with me.

How long does a session go for?

A typical session lasts for around 90 minutes and might include a combination of tools that have been outlined in your plan. We often talk about what has been working well and not so well. Nothing is ever rushed in my work. It might take a couple of sessions or months depending on you.

What does a plan include?

This plan covers your story, ways in which I work with clients, a rundown on the modalities you will be able to explore, consensual awareness – the importance of consent and with working with me, a written agreement that allows us to start working together, and information on how you can prepare for your visits.

I am a teenager with sexual concerns?

If you are a teen with sexual concerns please contact the Adelaide Sexual Health Centre here or Headspace here. I am unable to work with you.

i have a disability are you able to work with me?

I work with people who have a range of disabilities.

i have a mental health disorder are you able to help me?

I work with people who have a range of mental health disorders. If you do have a diagnosed mental health disorder I ask that you are regularly seeing your Psychologist whilst concurrently working with me.

What are your working hours?

I have flexible working hours. Sometimes I can work with you after business hours, for example, weeknights at 6 pm. Or Saturday mornings up until midday.

How often do I connect with you?

I connect with clients fortnightly or triweekly depending my schedule.

Is genital massage sexual?

Genital touch and genital massage are for: genital pain conditions and  emotional sexual pain, sexual anxiety, genital amnesia, erectile dysfunction, personal learning and healing. Genital touch is not used for sexual gratification. I will not shame a client for feeling body or genital arousal. This is often part of the learning experience. Arousal might come and go naturally.

Are you a sex worker or a sex surrogate?

While I have immense respect for sex workers and surrogates, I do not provide services that involve sexual gratification. This is against my professional standards and conduct as a bodysex therapist and sex educator. Additionally, this is illegal in the state of South Australia.

What happens after each visit?

You evaluate how you are feeling and what might need to be worked through next. You need to be able to self-care after each visit. This also involves self-soothing techniques that you have learnt from me. You will often be given homework to be completed before your next integration. This is an important part of your journey and is reflected upon together in your next session.

What are your professional standards?

I always work with people in a safe, consensual and professional manner. Intimacy coaching and bodysex therapy work is a specialist professional field. My work is guided by a strict code set out by the Somatic Sex Educators Association Australasia (SSEAA). My professional standards and ethics are outlined in the plan developed for you.

What are your qualifications?

I have a Bachelor of Clinical Practice which is a health science degree. This allows me to have an excellent understanding of diseases, medical and psychological conditions. As well as the medications you might be taking. I have undertaken specialist training with the Institute of Somatic Sexology in sexological bodywork and somatic sex education. This training involves a thorough certification process. It is the only qualification in Australia that teaches professionals like myself to touch and massage genitals in a safe emotional and physical capacity. During training, I am observed and assessed touching and massaging genitals, the anus and body. Please be wary of any person that states they can touch or massage genitals without such qualification. I am a professional member of the Somatic Sex Educators Association Australasia and Trusted Bodywork Group. Additionally, I have studied a Masters of Clinical Science specialising in evidence-based practice.

Are your fees covered by Medicare, Private Health Insurance do you have concessions?

My fees are not covered by the Medicare Benefits Scheme, Private Health Insurance or concessions such as the Commonwealth Government Health Care Card or Pensioner Concession Card. I do offer a 15% discount on every 6th visit.