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my fees

Investing in yourself pays dividends especially when it comes to your body and erotic wellbeing. Fees are dependent on your progress and needs.  I am a private practitioner. To keep my professional services available to the community my fees are set accordingly. My richness comes from life and your fees keep my business running so I can help you and others.

The 15-minute Zoom

You can arrange a 15-minute Zoom to check in with me and learn how I work with clients. Click here to schedule your 15 minutes with me. If you decide to work with me, you will still need to schedule your first visit with me.

Already a client? You can check in regularly for 15 minutes through Zoom between your scheduled visits. Just click the above link.

$35 AUD + GST

Your first visit

The first time you see me includes a 60-minute visit, in which I get to know you, you get a sense of who I am as a practitioner. You get to be curious and explore some groundwork with me. From this visit, you and I create a plan to work together based on your situation.

$285 AUD +GST (Paid Upfront)

Single Visits

Single visits are for people who need to see me once, or every so often.

  • 1 single 40-minute visit –  $125 +GST
  • 1 single 60-minute visit – $ 250 +GST

Multiple visits

A variety of packages you can choose from. These are useful for someone who needs to see me often**

  • 2 individual 60-minute visits – $450 AUD +GST
  • 3 individual 60-minute visits – $580 AUD +GST
  • 5 individual 60-minute visits – $1,000 AUD +GST
  • 10 individual 60-minute visits – $1,650 AUD +GST
  • 20 individual 60-minute visits – $4,250 AUD +GST

Reports for GP’s, Psychologists, Health Care Practitioners & Other Professionals

Sometimes it can be difficult to talk with someone about your sexual being or past sexual traumas even to a psychologist. If you need a report regarding your sexual wellness, past sexual trauma or sexual difficulties. I am here for you if you need me.

I can provide a comprehensive report for you. Useful for health care practitioners, other professionals such as lawyers, and the National Redress Scheme. Please contact me to organise three 60 min visits with me.

During the visit, we will go through your sexual history, work somatically using breath and relaxation techniques so you can tell your story.

  • This visit – $285 AUD +GST paid upfront.
  • Report cost – $180 AUD +GST  invoiced with your report.

**You can use these visits when you need to. Unused visits don’t expire, and you can access the remaining visits when you require them in the future.  No refunds are available for unused visits.

*** If you have questions about fees, please contact me.