my projects

I am an activist involved in a variety of sex-positive movements and projects. I am committed to freeing the constraints attached to human sexuality including our genitals. Nothing is more important to me than sexual equality. I am an advocate for somatic sex education that teaches people how to feel into their erotic self, wants, desires and pleasures. I do this work through a variety of platforms, this includes the Polysoma blog and Instagram. I also engage with the broader community about my work and interests. You can check out my movements and projects below or on Instagram.

Project – bodywork narratives

I collaborated with Adelaide based photographer Lee Knowles. For the first time I allow you to glimpse inside the privy of my professional work. Lee captures and exhibits narratives of bodywork, sexual mindfulness and coaching through a series of vignettes. You can find some of the censored images @polysoma on Instagram. Or access here the digitally published book titled “bodywork narratives – an exploration and discovery of self“. For quick access please download the PDF to your desktop.

Project – #freeyourgenitals

For too long genitals in society have been censored and shamed throughout marketing, art, social media, health care and education. So I decided to collaborate with U.S. based designer Winter Schatz. I asked Winter to create genital artwork. The brief was simple. Art that enabled people to have conversations with themselves and others in response to genitalia without feeling embarrassed or ashamed. Check out the project here.

I give an incredible amount back to the broader community through my projects. This comes out of my pocket. You can contribute and donate to my work. To make a donation just reach out to me.