my story

Hey there! I’m Kai.

I believe great sexual wellness starts with a healthy sense of curiosity. Driven by this philosophy, my work encompasses broad, holistic body-mind modalities. I educate clients somatically so they can live erotically free and healthy. I am passionate and believe in the work I do.

I established Polysoma due to a gap in professional health services that work with the lived sexual person and their experiences. In particular, services that focus on sexual healing, wellness, and learning about one’s sexual body to overcome difficulties. 

I hold a Bachelor of Clinical Practice with an extensive clinical and scholarly background in primary health care and research. I have undertaken specialist training in somatic sex coaching and bodywork with the Institute of Somatic Sexology. I am a professional member of the Somatic Sex Educators Association Australasia, the Trusted Bodywork group and The Australian and New Zealand Vulvovaginal Society. Formal and somatic learning has been in collaboration with my teachers Deej Juventin M.A., Uma Ayelet Furman and Joseph Kramer Ph.D. Foundational influences in my work come from  Dr Barnaby Barratt Ph.D, DHS, author and psychosexual analyst. The eminent sex coach Dr. Betty Martin who pioneered the Wheel of Consent.

If there is one thing I enjoy sharing about my life, it’s my experience with the natural world around me. The sense of freedom the ocean creates, the inspiration from the trees rustling in the hills. I am formidably intuitive and logical. I am often moving freely in both directions. At the heart of me is a curious, spiritual, and embodied man navigating the modern world. Feeling into the experiences of life are essential to me. Especially those experiences that give me the greatest of pleasures.

Like most people, I have a long and diverse sexual journey (positive and negative) with my own body and mind. I respect these experiences for what they are. I am a casualty of childhood and teenage sexual abuse. I have felt the shame and all the things that are attached to this. These misfortunes inadvertently placed me into the sex-negative shadows of life. The shame I held in my mind, body and genitals kept me silent for many years. I have personally grown and continue to heal from sexual abuse. Personal healing never ceases and is a life long journey for me. One of the reasons I do this work is to help others heal somatically from the trauma they have experienced.

I am an ethical polyamorist happily partnered’s. I don’t like to place a definition on my sexuality but if ‘you’ must I am polysexual, bisexual, straight, gay, queer.

Living an altruistic life is something I value and strive for in the many things I do. One of my altruistic decisions was becoming a sperm donor. I selflessly provided my sperm to those who want children and a family. I am grateful to have been on this journey and to have helped others on theirs.

It’s my lived sexual experiences, combined with the professional knowledge that allows me to work with the intentions and complexities that clients come to see me for. Clients can freely share and explore their most intimate experiences and thoughts with me because of this.  

Whatever your reasons were for learning about me I hope you have enjoyed your time here. If you’re thinking about becoming a new client why not schedule some time with me?