my work

I work with a wide range of sexual concerns and wellness issues. My work is experiential and involves: talk based work, mindfulness, intimacy coaching and bodysex therapy.

Darshana Avila an intimacy coach and bodywork practitioner from San Francisco has allowed me to share her work with you. Darshana highlights the professional aspects and lived experiences that intimacy coaching and bodywork has to offer. You can view her video here.

It’s important to keep an open mind when visiting me. My modalities are not treatment focused. They are (tools) specifically designed (for you and with you). These tools help you learn about your (erotic and non-erotic) body and mind. I facilitate these practices or experiences with you overtime. This allows you to safely explore and nurture change  and healing within yourself. I just dont stop here though. My work is holistic. I also provide self care recommendations and frequently check in with you during your journey with me.

Themes such as communication, exploration, mindfulness, learning, sexual grounding and touch play a key role in my work.

  • Talk based guidance, intimacy coaching.
  • Breath work, exploring hypoarousal and hyperarousal, stress/anxiety using breath, how to control ejeculation/orgasm using breath.
  • Learning how to be sexually mindful.
  • Identifying and exploring problematic sexual themes and fantasies.
  • Learning and exploring genital anatomy.
  • Learning how to self regulate, understand, manage behaviour and reactions to feelings in sexual and non-sexual relationships.
  • Learning to differentiate between pain and pleasure using touch – whole body, part body,  genitals.
  • Learning pelvic floor and genital muscle strengthening exercises.
  • Scar tissue work involving pelvis, genitals, anus.
  • Genital and anal massage for healing and pain ONLY.
  • Exploring sexual and relationship resilient edges including talk and body based work.
  • Progressive body nudity (resilient edge learning) for body and genital dysmorphia.
  • Genital casting for genital awareness.
  • Sensory awareness.
  • Learning how to touch or be touched.
  • Learning esoteric, tantric sex practices and erotic massage concepts.
  • Movement work and progressive muscle relaxation.
  • Vibratory nerve stimulation for erectile and orgasm issues.
  • Orgasmic yoga practice and orgasmic meditation.
  • Sensate focus.