Our modalities and tools

It’s important to keep an open mind when coming to Polysoma as our practices are different from the medical model of care you may have experienced. Our work is experiential and fluid. Every sexual being is different and as such, our techniques are individualistic. What works for one person may not work for another. If we discover something that we are unable to work with, or requires the collaboration of working with another health care professional, we will make a referral for you and work closely with them.

Our modalities are not treatment focused, instead they are educational tools specifically designed by Polysoma to harness concepts of experience dependent neuroplasticity and neuroplastic healing. What does this all mean? Basically we develop tools/practices that you can use to overcome issues affecting your sexual being.  We guide and help you learn from these practices or experiences. Thereby changing and shaping your brain. These embodied experiences can have a profound and positive effect on your life. A clinical research based explanation on what we do an be found here.

Modalities/tools we may use include:

  • Talk based guidance and education
  • Breath work
  • Flow states and mindfulness
  • Learning how to self regulate, understand, manage behaviour and reactions to feelings and situations.
  • Learning to differentiate between pain and pleasure specifically genital, pelvis
  • Pelvic floor exercises, genital muscle strengthening
  • Scar tissue remediation of the pelvis, genitals and anus
  • Sensory awareness and guided imagery
  • Bodywork and touch therapy including whole body, genital and anus
  • Movement work and progressive muscle relaxation
  • Vibratory nerve stimulation for erectile and orgasm issues
  • Orgasmic yoga practice
  • Sensate focus