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Some video links are NSFW viewer discretion advised.

Seed Part 2 by Cecilia Wachter

The seed is not about male pleasure: it is about women’s pleasure. It is about the passive role that women are expected to play in heterosexual sex. It is about the assumption that we as a society make that women’s pleasure is secondary to men’s if it even has a place. It is about women’s expected role as a receptacle and it is about the phrase ‘cum dumpster.’..

Gestual Explorer – Orgasm by Miguel Andrés

When I discuss orgasmic yoga with my clients this is what I ask them to explore. Similarly, Miguel Andrés does this himself. Alone in front of the camera, with no shield but his own nakedness, the artist moves to the world of “Explorers”, an intimate and imaginary space where he can unleash his imagination…

Sex by Andrew Ferguson

Produced for the Melbourne Museum for the Body Exhibition. Written, produced, directed and edited by Andrew Ferguson…

Ageless Sex by Marc Silver

Although overtly ‘about sex’, the film is really about what individual freedom means. Initially inspired by a video art installation, the piece reveals the complexities of pornography, old age and individual choices…

A Field Guide for the Modern Uncircumcised Male by E. Aaron Ross

Part social awareness film, part sex education, part experimental documentary. “A Field Guide for the Modern Uncircumcised Male” addresses issues of male communication in modern society, and the gaps in knowledge that are created due to the lack of this communication…

ARTporn: MIRRORS by Herbert Gruber

It’s amazing when I get clients to look at themselves in the mirror and talk to me about what they are seeing. I imagine the brain looking at the body the way Herbert Gruber does with Mirrors. I also imagine these are also our distortions with our own bodies.

Female Anatomy: the Functions of the Female Sex Organs by HERS Foundation

The functions of the female organs and the life-long consequences of their removal, including the shortened vagina, loss of physical sexual sensation, personality change, loss of creativity and vitality, bone joint and muscle pain, profound loss of energy and stamina, loss of short-term memory, blunting of emotions, reclusiveness, irritability, heart disease, and osteoporosis…

Penis Reflex Demo by NORM Illinois

A demonstration of pelvic floor exercises for penis owners…

Foreskin ethics with Tommi Paalanen by Richard Duncker

A presentation by philosopher Tommi Paalanen on the ethical, human rights and culture surrounding genital mutilation…

The Wild Penis by Guy Trefler

Out there in the deep Amazon rainforest, lives a rare animal, there are only 5 species of him left in the world. A BBC crew of photographers was sent to the area of which he lives for a 5 months journey in the wild to capture rare footage of this special animal…

Abstract Penis Painting by Brent Ray Fraser

Artist Brent Ray Fraser uses his penis to create masterpieces while hanging off a wall suspended between two ladders…

The Great Wall of Vagina by James Lane

This is the story of ‘Design A Vagina’; a sculpture composed of five panels made up of 200 plaster-cast vulvas, including transgender men and women, ranging from ages 18 to 64 years old. The film follows the journey of this extraordinary artwork; recording the social and personal effects…




journal articles and scientific publications

Interesting journal articles you might like to read.

How to be a Mystical Skeptic: Psychologist Susan Blackmore stays grounded in science while exploring the outer reaches of consciousness by John Horgan in Scientific American

‘Freedom to’ and ‘freedom from’: A new vision for sex-positive politics by Breanne Fahs

Somatic-Experiential Sex Therapy: A Body-Centered Gestalt Approach to Sexual Concerns by Stella Resnick

Treating Women’s Sexual Difficulties: the Bodywork of Sexual Therapy by Thea Cacchioni and Carol Wolkowitz

Body- Orientated Therapy in Recovery from Child Sexual Abuse: An Efficacy Study by Cynthia Price

Dissociation Reduction in Body Therapy During Sexual Abuse Recovery by Cynthia Price

Body Awareness: a Phenomenological Inquiry into the Common Ground of Mind-Body Therapies by Wolf Mehling et al.