what i do

I work with a wide range of sexual and non-sexually related concerns. My work consists of experiential learning and involves somatic neuroplasticity. I help you learn through embodied techniques such a placement of awareness, breath, sound, movement and touch (self-touch by you or touch by me).  These techniques engage kinesthetic, sensory, spiritual and affective processes to create meaning and experience.  Learning takes place over time allowing you to change and strengthen new connections. Eventually helping you move through your concerns.

This work can help you:

  • Feel into your concerns.
  • Recognise any distractions, blocks or trauma.
  • Be curious about yourself or interpersonal erotic relationships.
  • Awaken your sexual body and mind to its many possibilities.
  • Help self-heal and self-soothe.
  • Work through tension, physical difficulty or manage emotional pain in body and genitals.
  • Create self-awareness and connection through embodiment.
  • Recognise how past, present and interpersonal situations have and can shape your mind and body.

My work varies and is not the same for everyone.  I develop a plan with you. I welcome you to be curious and suggest things you might like to work through. Some clients don’t know what they need.  I generally will recommend a few tools to start with. These set the foundation to work in various directions with you. Some of these can be:

  • Embodied counselling, talk based guidance and erotic coaching.
  • Breathwork for relaxation and mindfulness, exploring hypoarousal and hyperarousal, stress/anxiety using breath, how to control ejeculation/orgasm using breath.
  • Learning how to create a deeper experience of your erotic body and mind.
  • Learning how to be sexually mindful with yourself and lover.
  • Identifying and exploring problematic sexual themes and fantasies.
  • Learning about consent and becoming consensually aware of your body.
  • Learning and exploring genital anatomy.
  • Learning how to self-regulate, understand, manage behaviour and reactions to feelings in sexual and non-sexual relationships or your concerns.
  • Learning to differentiate between pain and pleasure using touch – whole body, part body,  genitals.
  • Learning pelvic floor and genital muscle strengthening exercises.
  • Genital and anal massage for learning how to self heal and pain conditions ONLY.
  • Exploring sexual and relationship resilient edges including talk and body-based work.
  • Progressive body nudity (resilient edge learning) for body and genital dysmorphia.
  • Genital casting for genital awareness and shame around genitals.
  • Learning how to touch or be touched.
  • Learning esoteric, tantric sex practices and erotic massage concepts.
  • Movement work and progressive muscle relaxation.
  • Vibratory nerve stimulation for erectile and orgasm issues.
  • Orgasmic yoga practice and orgasmic meditation.