working with me check-list

There are several factors you should be mindful of before thinking about working with me. Please feel into the following:

Do you have a support system?

This may include a lover, friends, or counsellor, a psychologist that you can talk to about this work?

Are you prepared emotionally?

Exploring your erotic journey and themes, sexual interactions and pleasures, discovering, identifying, releasing emotional and physical sexual trauma can be immensely powerful and invoke a variety of feelings.

Are you ready physically?

Will your physical health, diet, exercise, and sleep routines support you through the process? When physical health issues are present, it is important to be working through these. Be sure you are or have been consulting with your Doctor. Likewise, any medications you are on may influence your state of mind or emotions during such work. It’s important to be aware of these.

Are you ready mentally?

Are you aware of your mind and body?  How do you react to change and feel your internal boundaries? What happens when you test these boundaries or feel triggered? It is essential for you to establish a practice of mindful awareness.

Do you have enough time?

If needed are you able to attend regular sessions fortnightly or triweekly? During your journey, you will need to complete self-soothing and self-learning activities that require some time out with yourself. Are you able to do this?

Are you able to speak up?

Sometimes the work that I do can trigger painful memories or physical pain. Working with me requires you to notice when things feel wrong. Are you able to speak up? If you don’t feel comfortable speaking up maybe this is something you could work on first with me? You will learn about consent and boundaries with me at the start of your program.

Adapted from Somatic Sex Educators Association